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Worship Keys Collection

Sem Schaap

2.29 GB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This product requires an authorized copy of MainStage. If any additional plugins are required, you'll find them listed in the product page description.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. Resampling or resale of the product is strictly forbidden.

More From Sem Schaap

I’ve put this bundle together to provide keys players with 36 great sounds for use in a worship context. You will find great sounding piano’s, pads and more – plenty to cover all your worship sound needs.

This bundle has been set-up to be super easy to use, and best of all – you don’t need additional plug-ins to use it!

It also comes with a built-in ‘Drone Synth’ that you can use to bring ambient atmosphere to what you’re playing – with smooth fades between key changes.

As a bonus I have also included 10 ‘pro’ sounds. These are patches that I use weekly on Sundays, and that also have been used on many LIFE Worship albums. These PRO patches use external sample libraries and effects – so they may not work for everyone.


Piano and Pad Combinations

Piano and Juno Pad

Piano and Airy Pad

Rhodes and Airy Pad

Rhodes and Dark Pad

Warm Shimmer Pad

Thick Shimmer Pad

Fast All Round Pad

Slow All Round Pad

Mellow Juno Pad Fast

Mellow Juno Pad Slow

Strong Saw Chords

M84 Big Analog

Detuned Dark Poly Stabs

Simple Pad 1

Simple Pad 2

Simple Pad 3

All Round Piano

Piano Felt

Layered Piano

Octaved Piano

Smashed Comp Piano

Upright Piano Bright

Upright Rhodes

Rhodes All Round Trem

Rhodes Modern Trem

Wurlitzer Tremolo

Piano and Quarter Delay

Piano Octave Top Lead

Upright Style Delay

Piano and Top Lead Delay

Piano EQ Filter Dance

Piano and Dulci and Glocken

Piano and Pad (PRO TEMPLATE)


Gentle Piano (PRO TEMPLATE)


Up Mix

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