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Playback Sync

Sync charts and track devices to automatically
navigate through song sections and setlists.

Sync charts and tracks
Connect multiple devices
Stay on the same page

Never swipe your charts again

  • ChartBuilder, a dynamic charts and rehearsal app, automatically follows Playback as the tracks play.
  • Updates made to songs, transitions, and setlists will reflect in ChartBuilder.
  • Connect multiple ChartBuilder devices wirelessly to Playback, iOS or Android.
  • Focus on the moment, not swiping though your charts.

Using Playback Sync is easy.

Install Playback and ChartBuilder
Download Playback on iOS or Mac, and ChartBuilder on iOS or Android.
Build a setlist
Create a setlist and load it in Playback.
Enable Playback Sync
Sync your worship team's charts to the tracks.

Turn on Playback Sync

Enable Playback Sync in the side menu to make Playback discoverable by ChartBuilder devices on the same WiFi network.

Connect ChartBuilder to Playback

Connect ChartBuilder to any available Playback device logged in to the same organization. Once connected, immediately jump to the setlist currently loaded in Playback.

Just press play

Now ChartBuilder will automatically follow every song, setlist transition, and setlist change made in Playback, scrolling through songs as the tracks play. Never swipe Charts again.

Keep your team on the same page.

Playback Sync is available in all Playback subscription tiers.
Anyone in your Organization with a ChartBuilder seat can connect to Playback Sync.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enable Playback Sync from Playback?

Playback Sync can be enabled in Playback with any subscription: Intro, Pro, or Premium. Any person in your organization with the proper user and content permissions can be logged into Playback and enable Sync.

Who can connect to Playback Sync from ChartBuilder?

Any members of your organization with a ChartBuilder App Seat can connect to a broadcasting Playback Sync device.

  1. Your organization must sign up for ChartBuilder Content to provide access to charts for your team
  2. ChartBuilder users must sign into the same organization as the Playback login. Here's how to Add People to your organization.

What happens if I have to make a setlist change in Playback?

Playback Sync has some built-in functionality to keep connected ChartBuilder devices completely updated with Playback.

  1. When a new version of the setlist is saved to the cloud from Playback, ChartBuilder devices will automatically update after a countdown. This could include song order, arrangement, or key changes.
  2. If a new setlist is opened in Playback, ChartBuilder devices will be prompted to automatically follow Playback into that new setlist.
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