Creating Simple and Tidy Kid Spaces

Trying to stay organized with a toddler in the house feels like an impossible task at times. I am by no means an expert on toy storage, toy rotation, playroom systems, etc. but I’m learning as we go and learning what works for us. After Christmas when our toys seemed to have quadrupled, I began working on turning our breakfast nook into a play space for our daughter. I still have some more projects I would like to do in the space, but for now I’ve moved in this shelf and got the toys separated into bins.

With the help of my Cricut, I attached these wooden labels to help with organization. Baby girl is still a little young to understand putting things away in the right place, but I’m hoping these labels will help when she can. I love having bright colored toys and reminders of my sweet girl all over the house, but this simple neutral look helps visually calm this space when clean up time comes. Knowing that things have a place to go is good for this Mama!

If you’re interested in ordering some of these labels for your home, keep reading!

While I was at it, I also labeled the cube shelf that we have in her closet. The style is a little different with the twine for hanging, but I love both looks!

I have added both of these style wooden tags to my ETSY shop! These could be used in almost every room of your home … Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Linen Closets, Kitchens … You can order by going to my shop HERE, clicking the picture below, or going to my SHOP tab here on the blog!

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