DIY Fall Wreath

It’s officially fall and time to bring out the pumpkins! I haven’t gotten to decorate for fall in a VERY long time, so I’ve been having withdrawals. I was ready for a fall craft, so here it is!

Do you have a wreath that you aren’t using anymore? You might be able to give it new life with just a little craft paint. I have had this magnolia leaf wreath for awhile but didn’t have a place in mind to put it in our new house. I saw an ad for this fall wreath and decided to see if I could make mine look similar ..

You can come watch my Instagram story highlight HERE to see the process, but basically I used different shades of browns as a base and then added muted orange and yellow on some of the leaves. It didn’t turn out exactly like the picture and if I’m being honest, I’m not totally in love with it .. but that’s ok! Not all projects are going to turn out perfectly. However, I do like it and I’m looking forward to having it in our dining room for the fall season.

I have the wreath hanging above my antique mantel in my dining room. If you’d like to read and see more pictures of the mantel, click HERE!

I’ll have more looks of the fall touches I’ve added to our home coming next week! Happy Fall Y’all!

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