Styling My Piano

Happy September! Today I’m sharing about a very special piece … but before that I wanted to tell you about a sale in my ETSY SHOP. For the month of September, all of my listings will be 15% off!

For quite some time, I have wanted a place in my home to put a piano, and I’m thankful that it finally got to happen! No, they aren’t fun to move haha .. but it’s worth it in the end! This piano belonged to my great grandmother. It’s the piano that I played growing up, and I’m hoping that one day my daughter will play. When I was around nine years old, I started getting interested in learning to play the piano and began taking lessons. I continued to take lessons until I finished high school. Unfortunately, after I went to college I didn’t keep it up. Maybe one day I’ll try to pick it up again, but for now I’m just enjoying having it in our home and listening to baby girl bang the keys when she walks by.

Another special piece that I’ve inherited from another great grandmother is this beautiful embroidered chair. She owned an antique shop, so between both great grandmothers my family has had some really neat antique items passed down. I’m going to keep an eye out for a sturdier piano bench, but for now I’m using this chair here with the piano.

I think that pianos bring a sense of cozy nostalgia to a space, so I wanted the decor above and on it to reflect that as well. I started with one of my favorite finds — these large baskets hung on the wall. You can also see them in our Alabama house living room HERE.

This ivy plant tends to move around a lot 😆 but I hardly ever style a space without greenery of some sort. This one was the perfect size for this vintage green metal basket on top of the piano.

I made myself this vintage style silhouette for Mother’s Day when I made one for my mom that you can see HERE. Isn’t that the sweetest little head you’ve ever seen?! 🥰

Some old books to fill up the middle space .. I just love the worn texture of old book pages .. Thrift and junk stores are a great place to look for these! They are usually very inexpensive.

And lastly for some height and light .. these tall skinny black candlesticks that have been some of my favorites for a long time! This style of candlesticks is classic and looks great with pretty much any style.

Shop this look!

These are not the exact same products in the pictures but are very similar and would give you the same look! Click on the pictures below if you are interested ..

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