Baby Favorites from Amazon

As a mama of a newborn, and now toddler, having items delivered directly to my door was and is a lifesaver! I’m thankful that Amazon carries just about everything, including a great selection of quality baby items. I rounded up some of my favorite baby necessities that are used pretty much on a daily basis around here. I plan to put together more of these lists soon including books, baby gear, meal time and bath time favorites. If you are an expecting mama, I hope that this can be a good starting point for you as you put together a registry! Or maybe you have a friend or family member with a little one on the way .. I know that any of these items would be much appreciated!

I picked some girly colors for this board because #girlmom 🥰 but all of these items come in a variety of colors! Just click on the pictures below to be linked to the Amazon listing. Enjoy!

This set will grow with baby from a soft scrubber for sweet little newborn heads up to a brush for big girl ponytails
Easy to clean and pocket to catch crumbs!
A naptime and bedtime necessity
We use this as a baby monitor that connects to an app on our phone
Cutting little tiny fingernails isn’t a fun chore, but this makes it a little easier

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The best for the newborn stage
Baby girl’s current favorite .. Lots of cute colors!
Even though we breastfed, these bottles worked very well for us when needed
Great for the transition to a sippy cup
Soft, pretty and perfect for swaddling
I kept these all over the house during the first few months for burping .. breastfeeding cleanup .. spit up .. all the messes
Even if not breastfeeding, these are helpful for tummy time and propping up baby
Stock up on zipper footie PJs
Best swaddle, in my opinion
Amazing quality and room for everything!

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