Dollar Tree Organization Ideas

I’m back after a little break to get my Etsy shop back up and running and being out of town! While I’m still working on getting our house organized and functioning well for our family, I thought I’d share some things I’ve picked up at Dollar Tree recently. Does anybody else get sucked in while you’re in the Dollar Tree? It’s only a dollar .. might as well get it .. and next thing you know you have $40 worth of stuff that you probably don’t even need 😅 Hopefully this post will give you some good direction if you’re looking for some inexpensive organization options. Get ready for a real life look at my closets and bathroom drawers … so no pretty styled pictures this week haha!

Idea 1: Over the door hook

The back of a door is a great space to use to store things. This piece is made of metal and is very sturdy. It also sits very flat against the top of the door, so it doesn’t catch or make it hard to open the door. I’ve used them in a cleaning closet to hold mops and brooms as well as in my craft closet to store some decor items that I’m not currently using. These hooks could also be helpful in a bathroom, laundry room, to hold extra bags and purses .. lots of options!

Idea 2: Shower curtain rings to store gift bags

Excuse the tear haha! I took this picture after I had already opened them.

After lots of baby gifts (of which I am very thankful), I have acquired a lot of gift bags! The basket I had for gift bags just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest .. using shower curtain rings to hold gift bags and attach to wire shelving in a closet. I grouped mine according to event .. I have baby shower, birthday, Christmas, generic, etc. So when I need one, I can just take down that one specific ring!

Idea 3: Faux floral bucket wall storage

I have been storing my faux greenery and florals in a big plastic storage tote. It made it hard to find what I was looking for since everything was just in one big pile. I’ve had these metal buckets since our wedding when we used them for decorations. They aren’t from Dollar Tree, but they do have very similar ones that would work just the same (see above picture). After attaching them to an empty wall in my craft closet, I separated and grouped the florals. Now it’s much easier to see and grab what I need and looks pretty too!

Idea 4: Storage totes and baskets

This space corrals all of our medicines, extra bathroom items, some cleaning products, sunscreen, etc. Dollar Tree has great neutral colored storage baskets and totes in many different sizes and shapes. I’m planning to make some labels for them soon!

Idea 5: Clear compartment drawer organizer

These three compartment organizers help keep all of the small things that roll around in your drawers easy to find! Hair bands, nail clippers, contact lens case, floss .. these are the perfect size!

Idea 6: Small pieces compartment case

Who else has a letter board? Need somewhere to keep all of those tiny letters? These little cases are your answer! I have three that hold all of the letters, numbers, and symbols that came with my board. They stack and fit together, so they’re easy to store. These could also hold jewelry, nails/screws/hardware, stick on nails, game pieces, or any other tiny items that easily get lost!

And lastly .. not organization related .. but always remember to check Dollar Tree for craft supplies. They have really stepped up their game with this “Crafter’s Square” line! Here are some things I’ve recently purchased ..

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