Vintage Style Silhouette Portrait

Happy Mama’s Day … a day late! In my true procrastinator fashion, I was working on this little craft until the day before I gave it to my mom, so I didn’t have a chance to share it before. (And I also didn’t want her to see this and spoil the surprise!). But … This is something you could make for yourself or as a gift anytime, not just Mother’s Day! I have always loved little antique silhouette portraits and wanted to make one with my baby girl’s picture.

I have had these two frames for years. I think they might have been TJ Maxx clearance grabs. The vintage look was perfect for this project! They kind of remind me of a mini version of the viral Anthro Primrose mirror 😍! They were originally silver, but I wanted them to be an antique gold color. I wanted to try Rub n Buff, but my little small town didn’t have anywhere that carried it. So I just used $1 craft paint from good ole Walmart, and I think it turned out just fine.

I started out with just the metallic Antique Gold and then went back over with a couple coats of the gold and black mixed. You can see the difference in the picture below.

I used an app to create the silhouette image. Basically, you take a picture in front of a bright window to create a shadow effect and then upload the picture into the app. I used my Cricut to cut out the image, but if you don’t have a Cricut you could just print it and will still have the same look!

Click here for a video of the whole process!

I added this with some fun things from some of our town’s small shops. Successful Mother’s Day gift! 🤍

2 thoughts on “Vintage Style Silhouette Portrait

  1. I love this Ashley! Such a special gift for your Mom. Do it again when your “baby” starts to school. Mom will have a collection of memories 🥰


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