Quick and Easy Wall Shelf

I didn’t get to share on Friday because I was busy soaking up some sun and listening to the waves with my family! Vacations are wonderful, but coming home feels pretty good too!

We have a breakfast nook in our new house that we aren’t going to use for eating, so we put our computer desk there as well as a spot for baby girl’s snack/play table. My plan is for it to become a little family command center .. a place for a calendar, to pay bills, and to catch mail. To fill the space above the desk, I wanted a shelf to put some plants as well as a spot for some office supplies. We made a similar one at our Alabama house that you can see here.

Here’s a simple step by step:
1. I got two wooden brackets from Walmart as well as a 1×8 board from Home Depot cut to length.
2. After sanding the board to get it smooth, I painted both the brackets and board in Magnolia Home paint color Olive Grove.
3. To seal the paint and add a little bit of an aged look, I applied white wax after the paint dried.
4. Secure the brackets into stud in wall and screw board into top.
5. Style your shelf! I chose a clock as my focal point in the middle and some taller plants on the outer edges then filled in!

Want to watch a video of these steps? Click here!

All done! This is a quick and inexpensive way to fill up a lot of wall space! This total cost of this project was around $25! More projects coming to this area soon ..

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