DIY Antique Sign

This week’s nap time project is all about displaying some of my favorite old things which led me to making a fun DIY sign. We have an old piano bench that has been passed down in my husband’s family. It fit perfectly in this space between our dining room and living room. I added some old books that I’ve collected from my side of the family. Old books are great for adding height or just to add some color and texture. Here, I used them as a prop for my ivy plant.

Next, I hung a mug rack to use to display some old mason jars. Most of these jars I found in our backyard shed at our Alabama house. I dug through layers of spider webs, dirt, and who knows what else … but I had to save them! Here they are before I cleaned them up ..

These types of racks don’t have to be used just for coffee mugs … You could use them for jars, bottles, flower pots, plates, wreaths, books!

I wanted something to hang above the rack. Antique signs can be very expensive .. so .. I decided to use a metal piece from Michaels that I have been hanging onto for awhile. I designed a little logo with my Cricut and made a stencil. To make it look old, I used a kit that I learned about through Vintage Porch‘s blog to add rust. It was very easy to use.

Watch me make the sign here!

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