DIY Floral Wall Hanging

Of course I had to do a project for my sweet girl’s room, and I’m sure it won’t be my last! We have her crib catty-cornered in her room, so I was trying to think of an idea to fill the wall space behind it since it’s an awkward corner. One day in Hobby Lobby I saw a wall hanging/curtain of flowers and decided to recreate it using colors to match her room. I bought some florals there (remember to get them when they are 50% off!) and used some I had at home. I used two birch logs that I’ve had for years .. I think I got them from TJMaxx but these are very similar HERE. I narrowed down exactly which ones I wanted to use and attached them together using floral tape and fishing line. I tied twine to the logs to hang them on the wall. Here are some pictures while I was putting it togther ..

Even though it took awhile to attach everything, this was a very easy and inexpensive project. You could use any type of floral or greenery to match your room or your style! Here they are hanging up in her room! I can’t wait to see her sleeping in this crib!

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