Handy Household Items from Amazon

What would we do without Amazon … or more like, what we do without Amazon Prime? I love the convenience of being able to find pretty much anything you can possibly think of, order it, and have it at my house in just two days. I put together a list of some super random but super helpful items that I have recently purchased from Amazon. They are all things that we have put to good use in our house and thought they could help out someone else as well! Check out the links below ..

Reusable Pet Hair Remover – We have a lot of dog hair in this house. I will never be able to get rid of it all, but this little tool helps for a quick run over furniture and pillows. It is so much easier than going through hundreds of sheets on a lint roller.

Pet Food Storage Container – This container keeps our dog’s food fresh and airtight. We keep it in the bottom of our pantry and can easily roll it in and out when we feed him.

Silicone Floor Protector Furniture Protectors – We all want to prevent scratches from furniture on our floors. But, the little sticky felt circles never seem to stay on. These protectors fit over the bottom of furniture legs, and since they’re clear you don’t notice them.

Shower Caddy – Organization in the shower is always a tricky one. We girls have a lot of products, right? The shelves that hang from the faucet get in the way and it’s hard to get things in and out of it. These shelves have a very strong adhesive to attach to shower walls. We have had ours for about three months and they are working great.

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent – Does anybody else get eaten alive by mosquitos in the summer? I love being outside but do not like getting bit or wearing a lot of bug spray. The Thermacell has been a lifesaver. It is powered by a little fuel cartridge that heats up a mat that contains a repellent. It does not stink or create a lot of smoke.

Conair Hand Held Fabric Steamer – We hardly ever iron at our house .. wrinkle release spray is our friend! But for some items, I like to steam them. This steamer is super easy to use and works great. In addition to clothes, you can use for curtains, linens, and to freshen up furniture.

5-Pack Coat Hooks – This is a great price for a pack of hooks. These are very durable and look cute too! Check them out in our mudroom in THIS POST!

Wool Dyer Balls – Whenever I can, I try to swap out cleaning items with more natural options. I have been using these instead of dryer sheets. You can add essential oils to them if you want a fresh scent. And since they are reusable, you will save money on buying dryer sheets!

Velvet Hangers – Because I can be OCD about certain things, these hangers help visually calm a closet full of clothes. They are slim so they help save space and everything looks organized.

Double sided Carpet Tape – Using this tape around the edges of your rug will help prevent it from rolling up or someone potentially tripping. Another added bonus .. it won’t leave a residue or damage your floors.

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