Our Fixer Upper Journey: Little Touches

Thanks for reading along as I’ve shared our journey through updating our Alabama house! I wanted to finish it up by sharing a few other little spaces that weren’t necessarily big renovation projects but that were what I enjoy doing most … decorating! One of the things that I hear people that live in fixer uppers say is “Don’t wait until everything is completely finished and perfect before decorating or adding a personal touch.” I will say this was hard for me since my perfectionist tendencies make me want to have a finished clean slate before starting something new. But I did find that when a space had our stamp on it, it helped everything feel more cozy and usable and not as chaotic.

Let’s start at the front door … or for us, the front side door. This was the main entrance to our house, a little side stoop that led into our living room. When we moved in, the door was a bright neon turquoise color. I wanted to tone it down but do something unique that would pop against the dark gray siding. So, why not pink? I’ve always loved Nesting With Grace blog’s pink front door HERE and my sister said pink as an option when I was talking to her about it. Parker didn’t argue with it, so I started looking for a pink that wouldn’t be too bubblegum or too fuchsia. I found the color by Farrow and Ball called Pink Ground and got it matched in Home Depot’s Behr Marquee paint. I love it, and we actually just painted our baby girl’s dresser this color too (nursery pictures coming soon!).

One of my favorite recent vintage finds were these large baskets that I hung above the couch in our living room. They fill up the space and add some warm texture. Our living room did not have any overhead lighting, so we added these little plug in wall sconces from Amazon HERE. I’ve also enjoyed adding little plants around lately .. they help add some life to a space. These pathos plants seem to be really easy to take care of!

We had a little nook between our kitchen and living room that was the perfect spot for our computer desk. I added this shelf above using brackets from Hobby Lobby and a stained board from Home Depot to display some little pretties. On the other side, we had our trunk that I converted into a filing cabinet and some fun leather butterfly chairs.

In our guest room, I did a couple of DIYs. I found some antique botanical book prints that I put in frames from World Market HERE on an old window above the bed. I also made curtain rods following Vintage Porch’s tutorial HERE and used drop cloths as curtains. This is a very budget friendly project!

I didn’t do a full post about our other bathroom, but it was a complete gut job that we hired out. It had a lot of water damage underneath so we left it to the professionals. It was very small, so we had to be creative with storage but I’ve learned that bigger is not always better and to work with what you’ve been given. We left the original medicine cabinet and wall mounted sink .. just added a new faucet from Amazon HERE and I painted the exposed pipes underneath with chalk paint to cover up the ugly PVC.

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