My Favorite Inspiring Blogs

There are a lot of bloggers and influencers out there nowadays, but these ladies are the real deal! They are the reason I was inspired to create a home decor instagram page and blog myself. I wanted to share them with y’all so you could check them out as well! At this point they feel like real life friends even though we’ve never met. I love checking their instagrams daily to see what projects they are up to, what their families are doing, or just to have a good laugh.

Layla Palmer @letteredcottage

Long before instagram and influencers, I found Layla’s blog and instantly fell in love. Her cottage style, her contagious enthusiasm and heart for adoption all drew me to her. She’s also an Alabama girl! She now has a weekly instagram series called “Let’s Go with Layla” where she shares five ideas from different stores or from her home. She has a great eye for finding unique items and ideas. She is also very open about her struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. Since I too know about this all too well, it is helpful to hear her encouragement as she works through it.

Check out her beautiful home below and her blog HERE!

Liz Marie Galvan @lizmariegalvan

Oh Liz, where do I even begin? Haha! She is the queen of farmhouse style and the most influential on my personal style. Like Layla, I found Liz Marie’s blog several years ago. She lives with her husband and recently adopted adorable son on a farm in Michigan. They are renovating an 1800s farmhouse, so I’m living my dream of living in an old farmhouse through her. She also owns a shop called The Found Cottage which I got to visit a couple of years ago! It was hard to pick out just a few pictures to share of her home here … all of her posts give me all the heart eyes! Check out her blog HERE.

Natalie Kolter @vintageporch

Natalie does the best DIY projects … She finds great deals on items or pulls them from the trash and turns them into beautiful creations! The picture below of the apothecary style cabinet was one she found in the trash! She has the absolute best sense of humor in the midst of some pretty serious health issues. She keeps moving even when I’m sure she feels like she doesn’t want to. And the best part is her golden doodle Chester is always right by her side. She lives in Arizona with her family, but I wish she lived close to me so I could have a project day with her! Check out her blog HERE.

Jen Todryk @theramblingredhead

Jen is my newest favorite follow, and I’m so glad I found her! She is hilarious, and I wish I had just half of her energy. She and her adorable family are my comedic relief everyday! She lives in Texas in a beautiful home and is the best at reminding you to just laugh through the chaos of life! Check out her blog HERE.

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