Our Fixer Upper Journey: Bathroom

Oh, the dreaded colored retro tile! I actually like it in some spaces .. especially the mint green color! Our guest bathroom at the Alabama house was definitely in need of some love, so it was the very last project we did before putting our house on the market. And, we did it all for under $250!

Here are some before pics ..

Since our tile had some bad places in spots, I decided to try out painting it. I used this kit HERE in the color white. There were several steps involved and the smell was overwhelming, but it turned out really good! I would definitely recommend only using this epoxy type of paint if you are in a room with a window that can be opened or plenty of ventilation. Even with a window open, fan, and mask, I was taking fresh air breaks every 30-45 minutes.

Next up, was covering the floor tile with peel and stick patterned tiles. I had seen these FloorPops tiles on Pinterest and Instagram a lot and had always wanted to try them. I found them for a great deal on Amazon HERE in the pattern “Stellar.” I laid them directly on top of the old tile after cleaning it. I used scissors to cut them to fit. I probably could have taken more time and made templates for cutting around the toilet and sink, but like I said this was the last project and we were just ready to be done! (Caulk can cover up your not-straight lines!).

A new schoolhouse light HERE and a new mirror from Hobby Lobby HERE and that was it! I love budget makeovers!

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