Made To Create

It’s amazing to think that God, the greatest of all creators, made us in His image. When God created man, He crafted us to reflect Him and bring Him glory here on earth. And because of that, He’s given us all the gift of creativity. While that looks differently for each of us, that’s what makes us unique in God’s image. To quote John Piper, “If you are God, your work is to create out of nothing. If you are not God, but like God – that is, if you are human – your work is to take what God has made and shape it and use it to make him look great.” Some people create through cooking or gardening .. some are gifted in writing or creating music .. some know how to creatively grow businesses or build houses. For me, I’ve found that one way I can use the gifts God has given me is through crafting and making things for our home. Keeping my mind and hands busy has become a great way for me to calm my anxious thoughts.

A couple of years ago I started an Etsy shop during a time of transition when I really needed something to keep me busy. I am not a professional and the things I make aren’t perfect, but it’s the process of learning and creating that makes it so rewarding. I’m hoping to get my Etsy shop back up and running soon .. so I have to ask .. what type of handmade items do you look for on Etsy and at craft markets? I’m wanting to try out making some new things and would love to hear your ideas!

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve made over the last couple years ..

One thought on “Made To Create

  1. Loved this message so much- it was something I really needed to hear today (isn’t it funny how God works like that?) as I was feeling a bit guilty for taking some time for hobbies. But I fully agree with the John Piper quote about taking what God has made and using it to make Him look great! I love all of your designs (especially the flower/plant prints) and can’t wait to see your shop up and running again!

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