Cottage Style Finds From IKEA

I think one thing that intimidates people when shopping for home decor is the cost. We think we need to spend top dollar to get the best products, but that’s not necessarily the case. I’m all about finding good deals on home decor, whether that be at junk and antique stores or places like Ikea. If you’ve never experienced Ikea in person, it is exactly that .. an experience! You could literally spend the entire day there and still not see everything. But if that’s not your thing, I totally understand. You can also order online! I put together some ideas from Ikea that could be used in a cottage or farmhouse style home or any space where you want to add some classic looking pieces. Cottage style to me is all about classic neutrals, warm texture, wood tones, and cozy … think slipcovered furniture, natural fiber rugs, ticking stripe fabrics, neutral colored glass, plants … keep things clean and simple!

Here are the links for the items! I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration!

Dish towel — Everybody loves cute and functional items for the kitchen. My dish towels from Ikea are some of my favorites!

Vase — A classic white pitcher that could be used as a vase, for drinks, to water plants, or just in a display in your kitchen.

Chopping board — I have one of these and love using as the base of a centerpiece or to display in my kitchen. It would also be great for a charcuterie board .. if you’re fancier than me ha!

Duvet cover — A classic gray and white stripe .. I just ordered this for our bed and I’m excited to get it. You can’t beat that price!

Throw — A cozy, nubby addition to your bed or sofa

Basket-seagrass — So many possibilities with these .. kids storage, craft storage, home for extra throws and pillows, plant holder

Sofa — We have had this sofa for about three years and it has been great for us. With a big messy dog, I can’t justify spending a lot on furniture. Since the slipcover can be removed and washed, I don’t worry too much about him getting on it (even though he knows he’s not supposed to!). Here’s a look at the Ektorp Sofa in our Alabama house ..

Rug — Awesome price for a natural rug that can work with many different styles and colors

Cushion cover — Stripes and buttons = cozy cottage!

Coffee table — Simple white and warm wood tone .. and a shelf underneath to store books and blankets

Watering can — I love the shape and the brass .. pretty enough to leave sitting out with your plants

Candlestick — Light some candles and enjoy a quiet moment

Vase — The texture on this vase reminds me of an antique. Also comes in white!

Potted plant — Faux plants are great when you don’t want to have to remember to water. I have a lot of these from Ikea and they are great quality in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Cottage Style Finds From IKEA

  1. Thanks for explaining “cottage style” Ashley! I understand the concept now. It’s definitely the look I’m going for. If that white sofa from IKEA can survive Cowboy, it should work for me!

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